Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter To Witness My Friend's Marriage

public meetings. WHO'S WRONG PAY.

On 13 March, at 17, at the Hall of Villa Tomassini, our Club, together with associations Raised Terracina, City owned and the Council Municipal Gino Di Mauro, organized a public meeting with citizens to discuss the serious situation of waste collection in our city.
occasion will also be discussed dell'esposto that the groups will present to the Public Prosecutor and the Court of Auditors to be evaluated so that the illegality of the lack of recycling in Terracina. It 's the law imposing, in fact, to vary the waste, so if someone has acted against the law, it is fair that you pay. More so in a situation such as this one, where every corner of the city is flooded with waste.
E 'the political failure of the administrative council Nardi and his majority and we need a national become aware of the situation, it is necessary that people start to have your say. A failure in front of which we can no longer remain helpless ... It is important because the participation of all those who mortify our city is right you pay. And rightly so that they work in images such as those under our parry these days have become a sad memory

We look forward to.


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